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Google SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Google SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Specialist
SEO & SEM Digital Strategist

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimizer)

This is a full time position with our Client – a mobile app development in Singapore that builds and delivers sophisticated applications for businesses.


Work Location: City/Town area


– Develop and implement effective Google SEO strategies, including on-site optimization and off-site promotion, to improve website ranking, PR weight and traffic;
– Analyze and summarize the characteristics of the industry and competitors’ SEO construction and innovative practices, and formulate website drainage strategies;
– Responsible for website keyword optimization and external chain construction, optimizing the site layout and website structure;
– Familiar with the ranking rules, and adjust according to Google’s latest algorithms and trends, formulate website optimization strategies; search for core keywords and long-tail keywords in Google’s natural rankings and enter the homepage;
– Regularly track and analyze the effect of SEO promotion, diagnose the implementation of website SEO, and promptly propose improvement measures;
– Communicate with the product technical department, design SEO product requirements, and be responsible for SEO traffic.



– Have more than two years of practical experience in Google SEO;
– Have experience in station group operation or overall operation experience with UV level above 100,000;
– Have website data analysis capabilities, and be good at using Ahrefs, SEMrush, GA, GSC and other tools;
– Familiar with the principles and characteristics of overseas mainstream search engines such as Google and bing, familiar with ranking rules and rules, and understand the latest trends of search engine algorithms and SEO;
– Familiar with site optimization skills, website management, familiar with Web related technologies Html, JavaScript, CSS, etc. is preferred.


Remuneration Range: $3,000 to $10,000 pm



1. 制定并执行有效的Google SEO策略,包括站内优化、站外推广,提高网站排名、PR权重和流量;
2. 分析总结行业特点和竞争对手的SEO建设和创新做法,制定网站引流策略;
3. 负责网站关键词优化和外链建设,优化站内布局和网站架构;
4. 熟悉排名规则,并根据谷歌最新算法和动向调整,制定网站优化策略;使搜索核心关键字,长尾关键字在Google的自然排名中,进入首页;
5. 定期针对SEO推广效果进行跟踪、分析,诊断网站SEO实施情况,及时提出改进措施;
6. 与产品技术部门沟通,进行SEO产品需求的设计,对SEO流量负责。



1. 有两年以上Google SEO实操经验;
2. 有站群操作经验或10万级UV以上的全盘操作经验;
3. 有网站数据分析能力,擅于使用Ahrefs、SEMrush、GA、GSC等工具;
4. 熟悉Google、bing等海外主流搜索引擎的原理和特点,熟悉排名规则和规律,了解搜索引擎算法和SEO最新趋势;
5. 熟悉站内优化技巧,网站管理,熟悉Web相关技术Html、JavaScript、CSS等优先


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