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Google SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Google SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Specialist
SEO & SEM Digital Strategist

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Specialist

This is a full time position with our Client – a mobile app development in Singapore that builds and delivers sophisticated applications for businesses.



-Use tools and methods to study the layout of industry keywords and establish a feasible plan for long-term or short-term website rankings

-According to the keywords to be ranked, collect and contact industry-related websites, obtain resources, search for core keywords and long-tail keywords naturally included in Google, and improve the ranking of related keywords;

-Website keyword layout, content optimization and update;

-Content marketing, writing articles such as industry information words or hiring writers to arrange articles;

-Master data analysis and mining, proficiently use various mainstream SEO analysis tools, and propose optimization strategies, content marketing methods, etc.



-More than one year of work experience in Google SEO;

-CET-4 or above;

-Degree, majoring in English, e-commerce, advertising, computer, Information Technology, etc. Other specialisations will be considered

-Familiar with Google SEO rules and promotion methods;

-Able to write website code (familiar with Web related technologies Html, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)

-Pragmatic, serious and responsible, and have good teamwork skills


Remuneration Range: $3,000 to $10,000 pm




  1. 利用工具和途径研究行业关键词布局,建立长期或短期网站排名的可行性方案
  2. 根据需要排名的关键词,收集并联系行业相关网站, 获取资源, 使搜索核心关键字,长尾关键字在Google自然收录,提高相关关键词排名;
  3. 网站关键词布局, 内容优化, 更新;
  4. 内容营销, 撰写行业信息词等文章或者招聘写手安排文章;
  5. 掌握数据分析挖掘、熟练使用各种主流SEO分析工具的运用技能并提出优化策略、内容营销方法等。



  1. 一年以上谷歌SEO的工作经验;
  2. 英语四级以以上;
  3. 大专以上学历,商务英语、电子商务、广告、计算机、信息技术等相关专业 ;
  4. 熟悉谷歌SEO规则及推广方法;
  5. 会写网站代码(熟悉Web相关技术Html、JavaScript、CSS等)
  6. 做事踏实,认真负责,团队协作能力良好


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